Total Engineering Partner, KCEnC

    KCEnC is a subsidiary of KC, a semiconductor and display equipment manufacturing company in Korea. We have been specializing in the construction of UHP piping facilities, clean rooms, industrial plants, and water treatment facilities in high-tech industries such as semiconductor, IT and chemical since our spin-off in February, 2000.
    Since our establishment, we have been continuously developing technology, improving quality, and cultivating professional personnel to provide Total Engineering System that covers from design to construction, maintenance and repair while meeting the diverse needs of our clients.
    We will not grow complacent in our current achievements, but will continue to lead the development of technology in related industries based on continuous technological advancement and client satisfaction, and will make ceaseless efforts to become the best comprehensive engineering company in Korea.
    KCEnC will continue to aim at becoming the world's leading engineering company through carefully considered management that is faithful to the basics.
    Furthermore, we will dedicate our best efforts to grow into a company that can provide the maximum profit to our shareholders, create the highest satisfaction for our customers, and to serve and contribute to our society. Thank you. CEO SOON-CHAN, JEONG