“Corporate Activities that Respect Nature”

    With our standard policy of “Corporate Activities that Respect Nature,” KCEnC has established an environmental management system that applies the international quality standard of ISO 14001.
    We will proceed on with our environmental preservation activities through the implementation of the environmental management system, saving resources and energy and minimizing environmental pollution.

    Environmental Management Policy

    • 01

      We comply with the requirements of ISO 14001, customer requests, legal regulatory requirements, and requirements specified by the company and consistently improve the effectiveness of the environmental management system.

    • 02

      We eliminate 100% of the complaints made by internal and external stakeholders by establishing and implementing an environmental management system.

    • 03

      Through environmental-friendly corporate activities, we manage the source of environmental pollution and contribute to the preservation of the global environment.

    • 04

      We maintain a pleasant environment by saving resources and energy in all processes of production and construction and minimizing wastes.

    • 05

      We provide education on environmental measures to all employees to increase the awareness and importance of the environment and encourage them to actively participate in environmental conservation activities.

    The environmental policy should be understood by all employees, and the company should work on the grounds of environmental policy in implementing the environmental management system and promote the company's environmental policy to its suppliers to strive for achieving environmental conservation.
    We periodically review environmental policies to ensure they fulfill our business objectives, revise environmental policies if changes are needed, and promote them to all employees.