“S + QCD,
    Safety First Management Campaign”

    Based on the “Safety First Management Campaign,” KCEnC has established a safety and health management system that applied the safety and health standards of OHSAS18001 and KOSHA 18001.
    Having safety and health as the top priority in all business activities, we will secure the safety of our business sites, ensure quality and cost delivery, and achieve zero serious disasters.

    Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy

    • 1

      Accidents can always occur around me and I can recognize what this is.

    • 2

      All accidents and injuries can be prevented through habituation of safety-conscious actions.

    • 3

      Our safety takes precedence over all our business and interests.

    • 4

      Safety is the responsibility of the management and supervisors.

    • 5

      We understand our safety system and make ceaseless improvements through risk assessment.

    • 6

      We are faithful to the basics and believe in our efforts of establishing safety.

    We have established a safety and health system based on the KOSHA and OHSAS SAFETY RULES, and in order to prevent accidents and injuries of all employees of the company from hazardous work environments, we comply with safety and health laws and regulations and practice the following preventive measures and actions and disclose them to stakeholders.