KCEnC seeks for the work-life balance of employees through various benefit programs.
    • Supporting family events

      We provide congratulations and condolences for each family event, congratulatory flowers and funeral items.
    • Granting loans for housing
      and living security

      We provide long-term, low-interest loans to support stabilization of employees' lives.
    • Supporting children's tuition

      We provide 100% for high school students and 50 ~ 70% for university students depending on the length of working period.
    • Operating various
      recreational facilities

      We provide condominiums and vacation expenses to famous resorts nationwide to help rejuvenate the minds and bodies of our employees.
    • Providing collective accident
      insurance and health checkups

      In order to support our employees’ health and lift the burden of economic difficulties, we operate a collective accident insurance and promote health checkups every year.
    • Fellowship clubs

      We actively support the club activities of our employees for their leisure and hobbies.