We are expanding our business areas in petrochemical, gas, energy, water and wastewater treatment plants and offer a wide range of services including project feasibility review, technical diagnostics, design, procurement, construction, trial run, operation and maintenance. We will also expand our leading engineering capabilities through continuous investment and advancement of R&D, and we will expand our business with an investment business model to serve as a Total Solution Provider to meet the needs of our clients.

    Environment · Energy

    We are planning to create a new growth engine in the field of ultra-fine dust removal in new and renewable energy plants of Korea and overseas.
    • Jeonju Paper Corporation

      * Period : 2013-02-27~2013-11-15

      * Client : Jeonju Paper Corporation

      * Project Epitome

         Korea's first power generation business using wastewater treatment

         Wastewater Treatment : 32,000㎥/d

         Power generation capacity : 2.8MW(1.4MW x 2Sets)